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Common Q&A regarding your ORDER:

Q: What is processing?
When you successfully complete your purchase at checkout, your purchase is ready for our processing department to pull your order from our inventory, prepare it for packaging and then send it out to our shipping department for shipment.

Q: How long does processing take?
As a boutique company, our operations team is small, so please allow us 5-7 days to prepare your order. In some cases, we are able to process orders in 1-3 days time but this is not a guarantee.

Q: Are Processing and Shipping the same?
 They are not the same. When you select your shipping method, you are paying parcel companies directly for the amount of time it takes your order to arrive at your destination once your order leaves our warehouse. Please add your shipping time with our processing time to have a more accurate approximation of arrival.

Q: I paid for priority shipping, why isn't my package here yet?
Shipping time is different from our in house processing time.

Q: Can you give me an update on my order status?
The progress of your order status is sent to the e-mail you used as part of your purchase. This information is managed via an automated system.

Q: Where is my tracking number?
Once a label is created for shipment, a tracking number is created through the selected parcel company. The tracking number is provided via an automated system once the label is created and sent to the e-mail we have on file for your purchase.

Q: I have a tracking number but I see no movement with my package!
A label for your purchase may have been created but it is still being processed in our warehouse. Once the label is scanned in by the parcel company, you will see updates on your delivery via the tracking information provided.